Anne Marie Ramos, LICSW

Psychotherapist in Newburyport, MA

Anne Marie Ramos, LICSW

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Anne Marie M. Ramos LICSW is a licensed social worker in NJ, NY, and MA and has worked for over 39 years providing family and individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults.  While she considers herself a generalist, able to work with a wide range of diagnoses, she developed specialties in trauma, anxiety (including OCD, phobia and separation anxiety), mood dysregulation, depression, parenting, disruptive behaviors, social/communication challenges, and domestic violence.

In addition to Anne Marie's work with Safe Harbor Psychiatry she is also the current Director of Children's Services at a large family service agency in NJ where she encourages dynamic involvement of the caregiver in the child's/adolescent's treatment. She also acts as a clinical supervisor to several pre-licensed and newly licensed clinicians. Anne Marie emphasizes giving back to her profession by providing continuing education workshops  for clinical social workers at several colleges such as Rutgers University and has been a featured speaker at the the National Play Therapy Conference. 

Her book, Parents as Healers: Bringing the Caregiver into the Healing Process Through Play and Home-Based Strategies is available on Amazon. 

Anne Marie most enjoys the challenge of collaborating with her clients to discover the set of interventions that enable them to achieve their goals.